Thursday, March 6, 2008

New York

i'm missing the east coast. a lot.

which doesn't make sense because santa monica basically has perfect weather, nice people (sometimes fake and flakey-but nice), the beach, my family ( a huge plus), and a large variety of terrain -- sick of LA? go to the desert, sick of the beach? go downtown, sick of traffic? go to Yosemite...bored? go to Disneyland--

cali has a share of its bads (materialism, shallowness, traffic, blah blah blah) but it's still very good to you. even the trees wave 'hi.'

i guess what i miss most about New York is culture. The museums, the sobering cold, the melancholy days,the art communities, all declare an environment where artists, poets, writers, musicians, actors thrive in.

Either that or i miss living with thirty crazy artists.. Glitter photoshoots, dinosaur parties, park lectures, Thursday art tours...and all that jazz.

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