Thursday, April 24, 2008

you're my type, nhs...

You know the feeling
You enter a club you visited around 10 years ago. You meet a girl (well, or a boy) you loved years ago (but never told her in the past). You eat a pudding you had as you were a kid. Just some examples of many.
Well, the point is, today - when you got back to the club, kiss the girl, eat the pudding, it taste and smells like you remembered. If you look closer, some things definitely changed during the years.

Probably, the people in the club changed. The girl got married and got kids (well, not in that order) and, yeah, she just looks old. Well, and the pudding has this new fancy package, brrrr. Things [partly] changes and nothing lasts forever.

So with good ol' boy
You always have the feeling, you know that guy, you can trust him, everything looks familiar. It's like you are sitting on your mums legs or listening to good old 80s heavy metal music.

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