Monday, May 5, 2008

he calls her sweetheart and sings to her everynight

makes me want to puke, but it's also kind of sweet.

he told the heckler to shut the fuck up and hugged her congratulations.

it scared me, but then it made me admire him.

he calls me 'girl' and buys me burgers, and tells me his love stories.

he stops his act and told me he doesn't want to be that anymore. i'm the only one who knows.

he asks me to meet again to reconnect and i never show up. but i think about it time to time even now.

i pretended to sleep that day in the car because i was afraid you'd read me. and you did but i denied it. i made you unsure.

i heard you're leaving the country. but i say we'll run into each other again. because i believe the forces of hearts and missing.

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